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Hiking Mount Damavand Iran

Mt. Damavand is a dormant volcano located in Alborz Mountains in north of Iran. It is 5671 meters high, it is the highest summit in the Middle East and the second highest volcano in the northern hemisphere.

Snow covers Damavand in winter, but the upper parts in other seasons. This giant volcano has a narrow crater. The snowy summit with its regular cloud is one of the most beautiful sight of Iran mountains. The mountain is surrounded by many good beautiful summits of the Alborz Mountains. Damavand is in Volcanic Seven Summits (V7S).

Damavand in Summer
Mount Damavand in Summer Season

Damavand Hiking and Trekking Tour

Hiking and trekking Damavand, the highest peak and the most prominent summit of Iran mountains is a life time memory. The experience of climbing this summit with a group of hikers from the world is a pleasure. Before experimenting this giand mountain it is recommendedto read all useful information in this regard in How to Climb Damavand.

Damavand Trekking Facts

Trek to Mount Damavand summit in summer is technically moderate but physically a tough challenge. Generally you trek about 8 km trail distanc in 10 hours. On the first trekking day you gain 4700 meters from second camp to third camp in about 4 hours and on the summit day you ascend 3300 meters from high camp to the top in about 6 hours. Gaining total 2630 meters height from base camp to the peak in just 2-4 days. Visit also Damavand Ski Tour.

Damavand First Camp - Polour

Polour mountain resort is the best starting point for Damavand trek. This mountain hut is also an ideal place for accommodation and acclimatization in the area and finest beginning point for trekking either from the classic south face or the west face. Polour Complex campsite is made by Iran Mountain Climbing Federation. Visit also Wikipedia.

Damavand Second Camp - Base Camp - Goosfand Sara

Damavand second campsite is called Goosfand Sara, mosque or the base camp. It is situated at 3050 masl height and it is the summer starting point of the south route. In this region there is a small refuge, a mosque and a sheepfold. This area is not a suitable place for camping and tenting in summer because it is verey crowded, very noisy and too dirty. Visit Damavand Crowd.

Damavand Third Camp - Bargah Sevom

Damavand third campsite is called Bargah Sevom. It is the highest camping place on South route of the mountain. Two safe havens, Damavand Old Refuge and Damaand New Hut are located in this camping place. There are also some flat area for tenting at about 4220 masl. Damawand New Hut is made by Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation.
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The best time to Trek Damavand is mid June to mid September. In this season the south ridge is usually free of snow. Damavand Weather is generally mild and the access by 4WD cars to the base camp is possible. But mountain resorts are crowded in Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday) and Iran Holidays. The beginners are strongly advised to attempt the mountain only in this climbing season.

How to go to Damawand Mountain

Damavand is accessible only by road. Haraz Road is the only road to this mountain. You may drive by car from Tehran to Polour mountain resort. The nearest international airport is IKA Airport in Teheran, Iran.

From the capital city Tehran> Haraz Road> Polur Village> Camp 1 Polur.
From Amol city> Haraz Road> Camp1 Polour or Camp1 Reyneh.

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Damavand is the Highest Volcano in Asia.

Damavand in Alborz Mountains
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Damavand in Alborz Mountains
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